The missing link between software developers and the cloud

Smoothy helps software companies detect and resolve issues with their
servers in no time, without the need of any dev-ops expertise.


Every software developer knows the struggle. Keeping your applications up and running can be a hassle. There's so much that can go wrong. And unfortunately, sooner or later, it does. Recovering from a disaster, if at all possible, requires a lot of expertise and takes up hours or even days.

Smoothy is built to prevent these kind of problems and make developers sleep at night. Using our in-depth monitoring, you are able to detect issues in realtime. Our intelligent systems then help you automate the tedious and error-prone work of resolving these issues, while taking care of all the complexity.

Take the guesswork out of running your app!

The era of sleepless nights and uncertainty is over! Smoothy keeps an eye on how your application and servers are doing and will hit you up when disaster strikes. Our in-depth error reports then help you identify the issue in no time.

Get realtime in-depth insights in your application
Detect issues before your clients do

Mistakes happen, revert them easily!

Feeling paranoid about backups? You should! Whether a team member accidentally drops your production database, or your data gets corrupted during a system failure, shit happens. Therefore, Smoothy allows you to version-control everything, so you can easily recover as if nothing had ever happened.

Backup your code, your data or just your entire environment
Seamlessly go back in time with zero downtime

Scale from local to global in seconds!

Smoothy is designed to setup and manage highly-available, redundant cloud environments, without any prior knowledge required. Dynamic scaling is built directly into the system, allowing you to quickly adapt to rapidly shifting needs.

Choose the cloud provider that fits you best
Launch servers worldwide in as little as 55 seconds

So easy, even grandma can resolve your next cloud disaster!

Cloud issues occur at any time of day. Permanently having a person with the right knowhow on stand-by to resolve the issue can be difficult. Therefore, we at Smoothy designed our system so that every member of your team will be able to manage your cloud infrastructure. Yes, even grandma.


Intuitive user interface

No technical terms or console commands. Just an easy to use interface, built for people like you.


Are you a visual learner?

Our academy offers hours of video tutorials explaining you all the ins and outs of Smoothy.


Need some more personal advise?

Our chatbot Cody is always around and is more than happy to answer all your questions!

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