Account #

Creating your account #

If you are reading this, you most likely decided to focus more on building amazing applications rather than spending your time on managing servers. Smart move. In order to enter the wonderful world of Smoothy, head over to and create your account.


Once you are logged in to Smoothy, you will land on the account page. Here you can review your account details, change your login credentials, and delete your account.

You also get an overview of all the teams that you have access to. To learn more about the concept of teams, head over to the Teams page in this documentation.


Verifying your email address #

As soon as you finish creating your Smoothy account, you receive a welcome email. This email contains a link to verify the ownership of the email address that you provided to Smoothy. To prevent abuse of the Smoothy platform, we kindly ask you to click this link within 48 hours after your registration. Within these 48 hours, you are able to use Smoothy without any obstruction. However, when 48 hours have passed and your email address has not been verified yet, a popup will prevent the use of Smoothy until the email verification process has been completed.

Email verification

For security reasons, email verification links are only valid for 7 days. As soon as this period has passed, and your email address has not been verified yet, an error message will be shown when the link is clicked. A new email verification link can be requested in the Smoothy platform.

Deleting your account #

We would be sad to see you go, but if you choose this path you can delete your account in the right upper corner on the account page. You are then given a period of grace and can use Smoothy for as long as your team's subscriptions last. During this period, you can easily reactivate your account. When this period is over, all your personal details will be removed from our databases, the teams of which you are owner will be deleted, together with all their deployments, images, applications, and other resources. Teams of which you are only a member, not the owner, will not be removed upon your departure.

Delete account

Just one thing: If you don't like Smoothy, write us a few words. We are a tiny startup, so every customer is a big deal to us. Therefore, we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve our services.