Install an SSH key on your deployment

February 20, 2020

When you have generated an SSH key-pair on your computer, the next step is to install the public key on your deployment.

This tutorial assumes that:

Copy a public key to your clipboard #

The first step is to grab your public SSH key and copy it to your clipboard. If you are working on a Mac, you can do this using a single command:

pbcopy < ~/.ssh/

If you are working on a Linux machine, you should run the following command to display the contents of your public key:

cat ~/.ssh/

The output of this command should look something like this:

ssh-rsa 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 [email protected]

Select the output and copy it to your clipboard.

Install a public key on a deployment #

To install your public key on a deployment, head over to Smoothy and open your team's deployments page. Then, click on the deployment on which you want to install the SSH key and navigate to the access page via the navigation on the left. You should end up on a page looking like this:

SSH keys

On this page, you find a list of all the public SSH keys that are already installed on your deployment through Smoothy. To add your public key to this list, in the right upper corner of the table, click on "Create SSH key". Next, a form will appear, as shown in the screenshot below.

Now paste your public key into the text area and give your SSH key a name. The name serves merely for your convenience so that you at any point in time know which public key belongs to which computer.

Add SSH key

After clicking create, your SSH key will be installed by Smoothy on your deployment and you are ready to initiate your first connection between your computer and your deployment.

Automatically install a public key on all new deployments #

If you are working with multiple people on your team or regularly work with freelancers or external consultants, you might want to have fine-grained control over who can access which deployment over SSH. Therefore, installing SSH keys for every deployment individually may be a perfect solution.

However, if you are working with a small team or don't bother giving everyone on your team access to your deployments, having to manually install the SSH keys on every new deployment can be annoying. Therefore, you can also configure Smoothy to install certain SSH keys automatically on newly created deployments.

To do so, head over to your team's settings page via the navigation in the right upper corner of the Smoothy interface. On this page you can, analogous to the SSH keys page, add a set of public SSH keys that you want Smoothy to automatically install on every new deployment.

Global SSH keys

Where to go from here? #

Now that you installed your public SSH key on your deployment, you are ready to initiate your first connection. You can learn how to do this by following the SSH into a deployment tutorial.

Michiel Kempen

Michiel Kempen

A passionate cloud engineer who helps software companies adopt modern cloud technologies through an intelligent all-in-one cloud platform called Smoothy.