Notifications #

What are notifications? #

Smoothy keeps an eye on how your deployments, applications, and image builds are doing. Whenever it detects an anomaly, it separates the signal from the noise using machine learning, and decides whether or not it requires your attention. If the answer is yes, it sends you a notification.

By default, the notifications for your team are listed on your team's notification page. This page is accessible by clicking on Cody, the character in the upper left corner of Smoothy. Whenever there are unread notifications for your team, the expression of Cody will draw your attention, as can be seen on the screenshot below.


What are notification channels? #

Constantly having to check your team's notifications page is not the most convenient. Therefore, Smoothy allows you to integrate your current workflow and receive the notifications via your favorite communication channels. Currently, the following notification channels are supported:

  1. Email
  2. Slack

In order to integrate your communication channels with Smoothy, you can head over to the integrations page of your team, which is accessible via the popup in the upper right corner of Smoothy.

Notification channels

Although being able to receive Smoothy notifications via your preferred communication channels can be convenient, it is obvious that not every alert should wake you up at 3:00 A.M. Therefore every notification has one of the following priorities, depending on its nature:

  1. Info: Interesting events.
  2. Notice: Normal but significant events.
  3. Warning: Exceptional occurrences that are not errors.
  4. Error: Errors that do not require immediate action.
  5. Emergency: Critical conditions that do require immediate action.

This priority allows you to configure different notification channels for different types of notifications. You can, for example, have a Slack notification channel that receives all types of notifications, and have a different email notification channel that only receives Error and Emergency notifications.

Overview of notifications #

This section contains an overview of all the different notifications and their priority that can be sent out by Smoothy. Please note that most of the notifications are only applicable for projects with the peace of mind plan.

Info notifications #

  • An image build succeeded.

Notice notifications #


Warning notifications #

  • A deployment failed provisioning.
  • The health check of a development or staging deployment turned out unhealthy.
  • The health check of a development or staging deployment recovered to a healthy state.

Error notifications #

  • An image build failed.

Emergency notifications #

  • The health check of a production deployment turned out unhealthy.
  • The health check of a production deployment recovered to a healthy state.