Projects #

What are projects? #

Every team can have one or more projects. These projects bring structure in your Smoothy resources by grouping the deployments, images, and applications that serve the same business goal. The notion of business goal is very flexible, so you are free to decide how you structure your projects. You can, for example, create a project for each one of your customers, or you can subdivide multiple realizations for the same customer in separate projects.

When deciding whether you should use a single project or multiple projects, considering the following restrictions might clear up some indistinctness:

Upon creation of a new project, you have to decide wether the project is a business-critical one for which you want to use the features of the peace of mind plan, or that the features of the essential plan will suffice. As described in the section Calculating the number of applications of this documentation, based on this decision the applications created for this project will be counted as "essential applications" or "peace of mind applications" in your subscription.

Filtering resources by project #

Resource pages such as deployments, images, and applications list all the respective resources of the team. However, when the number of projects in your team grows, the list of resources might get too long to be user friendly.

In this case, in order to improve your user experience, Smoothy allows you to filter the list of resources based on its project. The filter can be applied or disabled via the popup in the right upper corner of the resources table, as shown on the screenshot below.

Project filter