Teams #

What are teams? #

Smoothy is built around the concept of teams. Within a team, one or more people work together and share a single Smoothy subscription. This allows you to use Smoothy in different contexts with the same account. You can, for example, have a team together with your colleages for your work, and have another team for your personal projects.

On the account page of Smoothy, you get an overview of all the teams that you have access to. This list contains the teams that you created yourself, as well as the teams that you were invited to. If you only just created your account, you may not see any teams yet.


Creating a team #

In order to create a new team, head over to the teams overview on your account page and click "Create team" in the right upper corner of the table. Next, a form will appear, as shown in the screenshot below, in which you need to specify, among others, the billing cycle of your subscription and the number of essential- and peace of mind applications.

Create team

As for the billing cycle, you can choose between being billed on a monthly basis or a yearly basis. If you decide to choose for the yearly cycle, and hence pay for a year in advance, you get 12 months of Smoothy for the price of 10 months. That's a 17% discount! 💰

Next, you need to specify the number of essential- and peace of mind applications you like to deploy using Smoothy. To learn more about the difference between these two types of applications an how you can calculate these numbers, head over to the Calculating the number of applications section of this page.

When you click next, you land on a form looking something like this:

Credit card

In this step and the subsequent, you are asked to provide your billing details, including the number of your credit card. Please note that this information is not handled nor stored by Smoothy itself, but by our trusted payment provider Stripe.

Calculating the number of applications #

Since we want everyone to be able to take advantage of Smoothy, we use a simple, fair, and predictable pricing model that scales with your needs. This means that your Smoothy bill increases or decreases depending on the amount and type of applications you deploy.

As described on the pricing page of our website, Smoothy offers two plans:

  1. The essential plan, which allows you to:
    • Easily deploy & manage Docker servers
    • Dockerize your application code
    • Install any application stack in seconds
    • Manage any number of domains
    • Obtain free Let's Encrypt TLS certificates
  2. The peace of mind plan, which contains all the essential features, but on top of that allows you to:
    • Easily deploy & manage Kubernetes clusters
    • Monitor the uptime of your deployments and applications
    • Monitor the end-user experience of your applications
    • Automatically backup your applications and databases

The reasoning behind these two plans is that different types of projects come with different needs and budgets. If you just want to host a personal website or hobby application, you are probably good with the essential plan. However, if you are hosting an application for one of your customers and do not like surprises that can hurt your and your customer's business, the peace of mind plan is probably a better fit for you.

In order to calculate the number of applications you need in your subscription, you first need to understand the concept of projects. As explained in more detail on the Projects page of this documentation, every team can have one or more projects. These projects bring structure in your Smoothy resources by grouping the deployments, images, and applications that serve the same business goal.

For each of these projects, you have to decide wether this is a business-critical project for which you want to use the features of the peace of mind plan, or that the features of the essential plan will suffice. Based on this decision, you can calculate the required number of applications in your subscription as follows:

  • Every application you create within a project using the essential plan counts as one "essential application" in your subscription.
  • Every application you create within a project using the peace of mind plan counts as one "peace of mind application" in your subscription.

Using a team #

When you click on one of your teams listed on the account page, you will land on the projects page of the team. To learn more about the concept of projects, head over to the Projects page in this documentation.

Team navigation

In the upper right corner of Smoothy, you will now see the name of your team. In the case of the screenshot above, this is "Michiel Kempen". When you hover this button, you notice four team-related pages which allow you to configure Smoothy for your team:

  1. The Billing page is the place to be if you want to manage the subscription of your team, download invoices, or change your billing details.
  2. The Integrations page allows you to integrate Smoothy with your favorite cloud providers, code providers, dns providers, Docker registries, and notification channels. To learn more about each of these integrations, you can consult the respective pages in this documentation.
  3. On the Members page you find a list of accounts that are a member of the team.
  4. The Settings page houses team-wide configuration options such as global SSH-keys.

Furthermore, you can also navigate to the different resources pages: Deployments, Images, Applications, and Domains, which all list the respective resources for your active team.

Switching teams #

If you want to switch between two of your teams within Smoothy, you can simply hover the button in the right-upper corner of the application and click on the account option. This leads you back to your account page, where you find an overview of all your teams. You can then click on your desired team to make this your active team.

Inviting team members #

On the members page of your team, which is reachable via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of smoothy, you can find an overview of all the accounts that are part of the team.

Team members

If you are the owner of the team, you can invite others to join, regardless of whether they already have a Smoothy account. You just need to specify the email address of the person, and an invitation will be sent. The invited person will then receive an email with a request to confirm his membership to the team.

Invite team member

Removing team members #

The owner of the team is allowed to remove existing members, other then himself, from the team. This can be done on the members page of the team, which is reachable via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of smoothy.

After a team member has been deleted, it may take up to 15 minutes before the access of the given account has been completely revoked. The reason for this is that Smoothy caches its authorization logic to lower the response times of its API.

Transfering the ownership of a team #

It is currently not possible to transfer the ownership of a team to a different account, nor is the owner of a team able to remove itself from the team. However, if you do have a situation in which the transfer of a team is desirable, you can send an email to [email protected], and we will be happy to help you out.