Simple, fair, predictable pricing

With all those handy features Smoothy must be expensive, right? Nope. We want every SME to be able to take advantage of Smoothy, so we provide simple, fair, predictable pricing plans that scale with your business needs.

Choose the plan that fits your project's needs

Since we want every SME to be able to take advantage of Smoothy, we use a simple, fair, and predictable pricing model that scales with your needs. This means that your Smoothy bill will increase or decrease with the amount and type of projects you deliver.

In order to understand the pricing model of Smoothy, you first need to understand the concept of projects. Every team in Smoothy can have one or more projects. These projects bring structure in your Smoothy resources by grouping the deployments, images, and applications that serve the same business goal.

Essential plan

Essential project

All the tools you need to build and run state-of-the-art online applications.

early access price
€ 25
per application
coming soon
Peace of mind plan

Peace of Mind project

All the tools you need to safely run business-critical applications at scale.

early access price
€ 65
per application

As shown above, Smoothy offers two types of projects. If you just want to host a personal website or set up a staging environment, you are probably good with the features available in an essential project. However, if you are hosting an application for one of your customers and need some more advanced features such as high-availability and thorough health monitoring, the peace of mind project is exactly what you need.

Pricing based on your success

You can estimate your monthly or yearly Smoothy bill by counting the number of applications you plan to manage with Smoothy. The total number on your bill is then the total number of applications for each type of project multiplied with the respective price per application that you can find above. To help you with this estimation, you can use our calculator below.

Make your move to the cloud

Due to the enormous potential of modern cloud technologies, many companies, both large and small, are migrating to the cloud. Wait no longer, let Smoothy help you adopt modern cloud technologies and arm yourself against the challenges of today and tomorrow.